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MindSonar® Professional is a new milestone in your career.

A new milestone in your career.

Regardless of whether you are a coach, HR professional, consultant, or manager, with knowledge as a MindSonar® Professional, you can achieve faster, better, and more desired results for your clients or employees.

MindSonar® profiling is only possible via MindSonar® Professional. In this way, the necessary level of knowledge possessed by MindSonar® Professional is ensured. The combination of detailed measurement and an expert with their own unique set of skills and knowledge gives MindSonar® solutions real power.

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MindSonar® is an advanced method of profiling individuals, measuring how you think in specific situations. It assumes that you will think differently in various situations, so it doesn't categorize you into just one personality framework. Instead, it reveals your thinking style in a specific situation.

MindSonar® is exclusively available to you through a network of certified professionals - MindSonar Professionals. In this way, we ensure a high level of professionalism in the execution and interpretation of MindSonar® profiles.

The price of the MindSonar® profile includes:

  • MindSonar® profile (completed online, you will receive a username and password to access the profile)
  • 45 minutes with MindSonar® Professional (who will explain the results and present you with a meaningful overall profile)


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