MindSonar® Professional

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With the MindSonar® Professional international certification, you can carry out profiling of colleagues, employees or clients. Based on the results of the profile, explain to them which activities they will do well in and where they need more skills and flexibility to overcome obstacles.

MindSonar® offers a new, advanced way of psychologically profiling individuals. It measures the ways of thinking in a given situation. People do not behave the same way in all situations.

MindSonar® tells us exactly what is important to people (their values) and what their thinking patterns are in a given situation. A person’s mindset determines how they feel and behave. It shapes how things are evaluated, observed and overlooked. All this, of course, determines the results in a given situation.

MindSonar® Professional is the next step in your career. Whether you are a coach, recruiter, consultant or manager, with a MindSonar® Professional, you can achieve faster, better and more desirable results for your clients. employees.

MindSonar® profiling is only possible via MindSonar® Professional. In this way, the necessary level of knowledge possessed by MindSonar® Professional is ensured. The combination of detailed measurement and an expert with their own unique set of skills and knowledge gives MindSonar® solutions real power.

When you know exactly how someone thinks, you can speak to them in a language they are sure to understand. When you know what matters to people, you can give them what they want. This makes projects more successful, the workplace climate more welcoming, communication much easier and the results much more successful.

What you get at the training:

  • 8 training modules with excellent international coaches Ian Clarke, Jaap Hollander and Gabr Marolt.
  • 14 MindSonar profiles, 4 of which you fill in during the training, 10 of which you keep for marketing or coaching activities. With some skill you can recoup part of your registration fee.
  • Sprintano Material – MindSonar Professional Manual.
  • A great book by Shelle Rose Charvet – Words That Change Minds.
  • Exclusive right to purchase MIndSonar profiles.
  • Fantastic insights into metaprogrammes, people’s values and ways of thinking, and linguistic patterns.
  • Knowing how to assemble, evaluate and upgrade teams, showing them where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • Ability to coach and advise individuals in their career choices, guide training, realise talents and overcome challenges

In addition to participation, the qualification requires the completion of a number of requirements, including an examination.

16h – 20h

Price € 1600 until 15. 1. 2023
(regular price: 2000 €)

Live training in Ljubljana,
rest online

Education in
in English

Join the global MindSonar Professional family of over 700 members.
This will be the first time this training will take place in Slovenia, giving you an advantage in our market as you will be the first to be able to carry out MindSonar profiling in Slovenia.


Ian Clarke

MindSonar® UK Head Trainer and Leader

Ian Clarke is a Director in the Workforce Solutions Group, Head of MindSonar® UK and a Leadership Coach. Ian facilitates learning with senior leaders and entrepreneurs. It focuses on business development, people management and communication skills. He is a language and behaviour consultant and MindSonar® trainer and distributor for the UK.

Dr Jaap Holander

Founder of MindSonar®

Jaap Hollander is a psychologist and NLP trainer. He is co-owner of the oldest NLP Institute in the Netherlands, which has trained more than 12,000 people. Author of 11 books, mostly on NLP and provocative coaching. Jaap Hollander has been on the Dutch Quote 500 list of the best 500 business advisors for as long as it has existed. He is also the founder and main developer of the MindSonar tool.

Dr Jaime Leal

Head of MindSonar® Canada

Dr. Jaime Leal, Founder and Director Emotional Paycheck, Insitute of Canada, Head of MindSonar Canada

Gaber Marolt

Host, Head of MindSonar® Slovenia and Croatia

Gaber Marolt, founder of the NLP Centre, which has been passing on NLP knowledge to individuals and companies for 10 years. As a trainer of trainers, he is an excellent mentor for new lecturers, both in the field of NLP and business. He is a member of the international NLP federations INLPTA, ANLP and the Slovenian Coaches Association.
Recognising good tools and business opportunities, he became the first person in Slovenia to be trained in the MindSonar tool in Slovenia and the Balkans. He is also the author of the book Educating and Learning with Less Stress.

  • Registration and payment until 15. 1. 2023 (-400€)

Training dates

  • Tuesday, 17 January (live)

  • Wednesday, 18 January (live)

  • Tuesday, 14. February

  • Tuesday, 21 February (live)

  • Tuesday, 7 March

  • Tuesday, 21 March

  • Tuesday, 4 April
  • Tuesday, 18 April (IZPIT online)
  • Tuesday, 25. April (award)


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MindSonar Professional Reviews

Mindset is not a fixed perspective. This is contextual. Adapt to the circumstances. Understanding the mindset of an individual or a team in context is an insight into why things are already going well and, importantly, how they could be even better.

Charlie Cooper

MindSonar is a simple tool that helps coaches and consultants gain insight into the critical elements of people’s thinking. I recommend it to NLP practitioners as an assistive technology for their work with both individuals and organisations.

Robert Dilts

MindSonar is extremely useful in quickly identifying the causes of individuals’ frustrations and providing them with the tools to get better results. Other profiling defines archetypes, while MindSonar provides measured components of an individual’s actual mindset along with their values.

Cory Nott